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On behalf of the employees of TCI of Alabama, LLC, I want to thank you for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to introduce our  company and services.

Since our inception, we have striven to provide our customers with a recycling option for their obsolete oil filled transformers and other electrical equipment.  Being an EPA permitted company, we can offer our services for equipment containing any PCB level.

Today we are providing our services to a vast array of industries, utilities, cooperatives, colleges, hospitals and government institutions.

If after browsing our website you would like to schedule a visit or contact us for further information, please feel free to use the contact information supplied in this website.  We are always pleased to answer your questions and provide tours to help you learn why TCI is among the most respected disposal service companies in our country.

George Jackson
President TCI of Alabama LLC

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TCI Recycler Spotlight


This Month's Spotlight is on:  TCI's laboratory team. Pictured clockwise from top right: Jack Uppling, Larry Brown, Charlotte Easter, and Scott Buff

Laboratory and Systems Manager: Jack Uppling oversees all QA/QC Laboratory operations. He has 16 years of PCB laboratory experience as well as multiple years of experience with many other facets of environmental and QA/QC laboratory operations which included the following: BTEX, TVPH, TEPH, TPH, Pesticides, Herbicides, PAH, TX, TOC, Mercury, and Ethylene Glycol. He attended the University of Pittsburgh, PA (Psychobiology), Pittsburg State University, KS (Chemistry), and Colorado Technical University (Information Technology). He has been in laboratory supervision/management for 13 of his 13.5 years at TCI and has been the Laboratory Manager for 10 years. He is Hazwoper certified and has an extensive background in all aspects of laboratory procedures, protocol, instrumental maintenance, methodology, preparation, analysis, QA/QC documentation, research, and administration. Jack served in the Marine Corps and was highly trained in dealing with hazardous materials.

Jack also serves as the Systems Manager (IT/MIS Manager) for TCI. He has been responsible for all items related to our computer systems, network, security, disaster recovery, and related technical hardware for the last 10 years. In addition, he also serves as a programmer and programming troubleshooter.

Outside the laboratory, he has participated on many teams whose focus has been issue resolution, startup system development, system troubleshooting, productivity advancement, quality advancement, metals recycling extension, and statistical analysis.

Laboratory Chemist: Scott Buff has been with the laboratory and TCI for 7 years. He has served as a technician, analyst, and chemist through this time. His duties require an advanced knowledge of preparation and analysis of samples, inventory control, instrumental maintenance, reporting, QA/QC documentation, and research. He acquired his degree in chemistry from the University of Montevallo. In addition, Scott attended the University of Alabama Birmingham. Prior to his employment with TCI, he had 1 year of experience in metals analysis, QA/QC laboratory procedures, methodology, and research. He also had 9 months of experience at a pharmaceutical laboratory involving extraction of phospholipids from animal tissue. Papers published: Houston Byrd, R. Scott Buff, Jennifer M. Butler and Gary M. Gray, "New Synthesis and Structure of a Polar Manganese Coordination Polymer" J. Chem Cryst., 2003, 33, 513-517.

Outside the laboratory, Scott has participated on teams whose focus has been startup system development and system troubleshooting.

Laboratory Technician: Larry Brown has been with TCI for 9 years and in the laboratory for 3 years. He served in many functions including degreaser operator and QA/QC sampler. His daily duties include preparation of analytical samples, some sampling, QA/QC documentation, and solvent analysis. He retired after 21 years from the Navy as a Chief and instructed other Naval personnel in Disaster Control and Chemical, Biological, and Radiation Defense. He attended both Gadsden State Community College (Hazmat) and Herzing University (Information Technology).

Outside the laboratory, Larry has participated on teams whose focus has been system troubleshooting.

Laboratory Analyst: Charlotte Easter has been with the laboratory for 2 years. Prior to working at TCI, she obtained 6 months of experience working in medical laboratories. She acquired her degree in Biology from the University of Alabama Huntsville, and attended the University of Alabama Birmingham in pursuit of her Master's Degree as well as a Med-Tech certification. In her free time, she teaches discipleship classes, leads the Girls in Action program, and raises her 4 beautiful children. Her daily duties entail the analysis of samples, light G.C. maintenance, some sample preparation, reporting, and maintaining all laboratory QA/QC documentation.

Outside the laboratory, Charlotte has acted in laboratory related supporting roles for many projects.




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